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Here at cookiethestyle, I work closely with carefully selected partners that reflect my aesthetic, ethos and the refined, classic and timeless style I love.

Any collaborations or PR samples will be disclosed by a mention within the post body, a 'c/o' sign beside a gifted product, or by a note at the bottom of any sponsored content. Sponsored links will also be 'no follow'. I choose my collaborations very carefully, and love working with brands whose aesthetics and core philosophies harmonise with those of my own, and my readers. Please feel free to drop me a line to discuss any possible collaboration opportunities or commercial activity at

Whether or not a post contains gifted samples, please feel assured that my thoughts will not be erred, and that all opinions remain honest, and my own (I turn down far more proposals than I accept!)

ookiethestyle is part of several affiliate programmes. Should you click on an affiliate link, or make a purchase via that link, a small commission may be made. This does not affect the price you pay, and these links allow me to improve and evolve ookiethestyle moving forward, so I thank you in your support.

We currently do not accept guest posting or pre-written content in any form. Sadly I cannot respond to every email of this nature as I'd be at it all day!

All photography is my own, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use without prior permission. If you would like to purchase any images then please email me directly at

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cookiethestyle xx

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